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Intelligent control system of public lighting in Ungheni

Project “Intelligent control system of public lighting in Ungheni”, funded by Czech Challenge Fund under Czech-UNDP Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals implemented advanced control system for public lighting of Czech innovative company DATmoLUX in the Municipality of Ungheni, Moldova. It included installation of 30 new LED luminaires with MSB WL (Wireless Monitoring Light Point) elements for individual dynamic control of each luminaire at recently renovated central square of Ungheni Piața independenței, one new complete switchboard for the square and intelligent public lighting control elements to 3 further switchboards.

“We were very pleased to collaborate on this project which perfectly complemented our recent investments in replacing of the luminaires by LED, improving the cable network and installing new switchboards. Intelligent lighting control will contribute to save energy and environment, allow effective management and maintenance of public lighting and improve services for our citizens.” stated Mr. Alexandru Ambros, Mayor of Ungheni.

The system will also be integrated into smart city platform Invipo which is now being implemented in Ungheni in the framework of the program EU4Moldova: Focal Regions managed by UNDP.

“We appreciated the experience from this project in Ungheni and we see potential for further development of our innovative advanced control and monitoring solutions for public lighting not only in Ungheni, but also in other cities and towns in Moldova.” announced Mr. Robert Tóth, Managing Director of DATmoLUX, a.s.

The project was financed by the Challenge Fund: Czech Solutions for SDGs, an effective driver of innovation and change in the region.

If you are interested in the initiative or Challenge Fund: Czech Solutions for SDGs, please use the following contacts:

Czech-UNDP Partnership for SDGs: cup.applications@undp.org