Sister city agreement signed with the Auce municipality, Latvia August 2010

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Ansamblul Do-Re-Mi din or.Ungheni _Auce iulie 2011

Collaboration of partners from Ungheni and Auce municipality is based on the following areas:

  1. Development and promotion of  trade and economic exchange
  2. Exchange of information about the history, culture, sport and traditions of the two cities.
  3. Sharing experience and information on environment protection
  4. Exchange of youth delegations participating in the cultural, educational and sport events
  5. The exchange of official delegations

Carried out activities 

Exchange of delegations at the cities’ days – 2010, 2011

A delegation from Auce participated in the Regional Economic Investment Forum held in Ungheni-October 2009

The jazz orchestra “Accelerat” of Ungheni musical school participated in the Music and Dance Festival in Auce, Latvia – July 2010

A group of students of Ungheni high schools took part in the project “Creative young people in environmental  knowledge” in the period of July  4-9,2011 inAuce, Latvia

Ungheni popular dance group “Strugurash” participated in the Dance Festival in Auce – July 2011

A group of students  of  Auce secondary school took part in  the Dance and Music Festival “Hora dela Prut” in Ungheni -May 2011

Ansamblul Struguras la Festivalul de Dans din or.Auce_ iulie 2011

Ansamblul Struguras din Ungheni la Festivalul de dans din or.Auce_iulie 2011

Corul Tikai- Ta din Auce la festivalul Hora de la Prut din Ungheni_mai 2011

Delegatia din Auce Letonia la Forumul Economic _Ungheni oct 2009


Grupul din Ungheni în activitățile proiectului ”Tineretul creativ in cunoașterea mediului” , Auce 4-9 iulie 2011

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