Mayor – Alexandru Ambros

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  1. 1.   Family name:   Ambros
  2. 2.   First names:  Alexandru
  3. 3.   Address:     Decebal str.20/ 21 ,3600 Ungheni
  4. 4.   Telephone :  (0) 236 – 2 34 45
  5. 5.   Date of birth: 01.01.1966
  6. 6.   Civil status: married
  7. 7.   Education:
InstitutionAcademy of Public Administration under the Government of the Republic of Moldova
Date (from – to)2008 – 2010
InstitutionState University of the Republic of Moldova
Institution1983 – 1990
FacultyMathematics and cybernetics
Date (from – to)1983
Date (from – to)Ungheni Secondary school Nr.1 (present
“M. Eminescu” high school )

8. Professional Experience Record:


Date (from/till)June 2007 –present
LocationTown of Ungheni
InstitutionUngheni Town Hall
Date (from/till)1999 - 2007
LocationUngheni town
CompanySRL “Aledex –Info”
Date (from/till)1991- 1999
LocationUngheni theoretical high school “V.Alecsandri”
Date (from/till)1990 - 1991
InstitutionThe Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova
PositionEngineer - programmer

9. Language skills:            (Mark 5 –excellent – to 1 –basic- for competence)


10.Computer skills: MS office, Internet

11.   Key qualifications : experience in managerial positions, good organizer, responsibility, abilities of team work, leadership

12.  Participation :    

PeriodForums, Conferences, Information sessions
2012Closing Conference „Youth Capital 2011” – Ungheni
2011Chief of the delegation from the Republic of Moldova to the Convention of Local and Regional Authorityes of the Council of Europe – Strasbourg
2011Visit of Poland Ambassador in Ungheni
2011Opening Conference „Youth Capital 2011” – Ungheni
2010Charity Ball „Solidarity + Charity” – Ungheni
2010Conference „In the European Union for Equality, Peace and Prosperity” – Ungheni
2010The Sitting of Regional Council of Development Centre – Ialoveni
2009Investment Forum in Ungheni – Ungheni
2009Study visit in the USA within the Open Society Program – USA
2009Round Table „Mayors’ Club: present and perspective” – Ungheni
2009Conference „Regional Development Strategy” – Ialoveni
2009Training „Partnerships creation and civic participation at the decision-making process at local level in Moldova” – Chisinau
2009Sitting „Constituiting the Mayors’ Club” – Telenesti
2008Final Conference of the project „Integrity and Transparency in Local Public Administration” – Ungheni
2008NGOs’ Fair VOLUNTEXPO 2008 – Ungheni
2008Charity Ball „Solidarity + Charity” – Ungheni
2008Seminar „Launching the Cross-border Resources Centre for a Sustainable Development” – Ungheni
2008Launching Conference of the project „Integrity and Transparency in Local Public Administration” - Ungheni
2007Charity Ball „Solidarity + Charity” – Ungheni
2007Regional Conference Ungheni 2007: „Social Policies at regional level – present and perspective” – Ungheni
2007Information session on “Opportunities of European cooperation and integration”
2007Meeting of launching the Ungheni Community Foundation
2007Round Table “Constitution of Advocacy Coalition : objectives and expected results”
2005The Regional Sustainable Development Forum “Together for a prosperous future”- Ungheni
2004Regional Conference “Local Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development Strategy of the communities in the III millennium” –Ungheni
2004National Forum “We will create a prosperous future together ”
2003The Regional Sustainable Development Forum “Public –Private Partnership for the local sustainable development” –Ungheni
2002Ungheni Local Agenda 21 Children and Youth Forum “The Children and Youth –the future successors “ –Ungheni

13. Projects experience:


PeriodProject title, position
2010 – 2012Project An integrated approach of the sustainability of tourism production, CIUDAD, EU – coordinator of administrative and technical staff
2010 – 2012Project Ensuring the public participation in decision-making process and efficient access to information, Access-Info - applicant
2009Project Support recycling, UCF - partner
2009Project The popular suit – the nation history and tradition, UCF - partner
2009Project Creation of conditions for children with special needs in school, UCF - partner
2009Project A healthy mind in a healthy body, UCF - partner
2009Project Small children’s park, UCF - partner
2009 Project Equal chances for early education for all children, JANIVO – partner
2009 Project Bugeting on the basis of performance: an instrument of making more efficient the activity of local public administration, UNDP – applicant
2009 Project Establishing and operating the National Program for a Clean Production in the Republic of Moldova, UNIDO - partner
2009 Project Renovation Works of Ungheni Palace of Culture, MSIF – applicant
2008 – 2009 Project Ask Reckoning for the public money, SOROS – partner
2008Project Help me to be near you, JANIVO – partner
2008Project Complex: Liesure and Peasure in my minidistrict, UCF – partner
2008Project School Library – space of culture, training and education, UCF – partner
2008Project Voluntariate Month in Ungheni: Be a Volunteer , UCF - partner
2008Project New windows, new life, UCF - partner
2008Project Together for Health, UCF - partner
2008Project Psychomotor Recover Services for children with Infant Cerebral Paralysis, UCF - partner
2008Project And behave as your behaviour and speak as is your speech, UCF - partner
2008Project The Dream Gate, UCF- partner
2008Project Integration of children with special educational needs in common classes, UCF - partner
2008Project Therapies and improved means for children with language troubles, UCF - partner
2008Project Pleasure Place for the community „Wake to life”, UCF – partner
2008Project House with Fairy Tales, UCF – partner
2008Project Integrity and Transparency in Local Public Administration, USAID AED – partner
2008 - 2009Project Social Work for Better Life, PHARE - partner
2007Project Cross-border Resources Centre for a Sustainable Development, PHARE – partner
2007 - 2008Project L.G.U. Wealth Network, PHARE - partner
2007Project Ungheni Community Foundation helps the community to thrive, UNDP - partner
2007The project “Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Ungheni , Republic of Moldova Cross border Entrepreneurial cooperation – Iasi, Romania, GTZ- partner
2006The project “ The Investor’s Guide for the cross border area Iasi (Romania) – Ungheni (Republic of Moldova), GTZ – partner
2006The project New ascents in Ungheni Local Agenda 21, UNDP - expert
2005The local project - Publishing of the booklet ”Ungheni a prosperous town” , city hall - partner

14. Hobby:


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